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One of our goals with this site is to make high-quality Christian resources on the subject of sex easily accessible to you. We live in a blessed day where some of the greatest Christian teaching in the world is available for free via the internet. Here are some great resources available with just a few clicks.  If you know of other great Christian teaching on sex or marriage, comment below with a link and we’ll consider adding it.

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with the exact interpretation of every Scripture in every sermon or resource below. Since the Song of a Solomon is 3,000 year-old text, proper hermeneutics are very important. I do believe, however, that each of the teachers below is attempting to get at God’s meaning as they teach.  Let the tension inspire you to keep seeking God for the Truth!

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Sex is…

We showed this video as a sermon bumper (message introduction) during our series on the Song of Solomon. I love it because it perfectly addresses our discomfort in talking about sex, and at the same time, shows exactly why Christians should be talking and teaching about it. Check it out!

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to know about Love, Sex, and Marriage
(But Didn’t Think You’d Hear in Church!)

This is a 2009 message series I taught on the Song of Solomon at Peachtree Community Church:

Part 1: In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

Love, Marriage and Sex Part 1- A More Perfect Union Notes

Part 2: The Purpose of Waiting

Part 3: LEADing to the Bedroom

Love, Marriage and Sex Part 3-LEADing to the Bedroom Notes

Part 4: The Wedding Day

Love, Marriage and Sex Part 4-The Wedding Notes

Part 5: How to Have Great Intimacy

Love, Marriage and Sex Part 5-How to Have Great Intimacy Notes

Part 6: Selfishness

Love, Marriage and Sex Part 6-Selfishness Notes

Part 7: Deepening

Love, Marriage and Sex Part 7-Deepening Notes

Part 8: Lifelong Passion

Love, Marriage and Sex Part 8-Lifelong Passion Notes

The Peasant Princess (Taught by Mark Driscoll)

An incredible Song of Solomon message series by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  Here are links to each of the eleven weeks. All Mars Hill messages can be found at Mark Driscoll, I LOVE your teaching! Thanks for loving Jesus like you do!

1 The Peasant Princess: Let Him Kiss Me

2 The Peasant Princess:  Sweet To My Taste

3 The Peasant Princess: The Little Foxes

4 The Peasant Princess: His Garden

5 The Peasant Princess: My Beloved, My Friend

6 The Peasant Princess: My Dove

7 The Peasant Princess: Dance of Mahanaim

8 The Peasant Princess: Into the Fields

9 ThePeasant Princess: Do Not Awaken Love

10 The Peasant Princess: I Was A Wall

11 The Peasant Princess: Greatest Hits/ Q & A

The Art of Romance (Taught by Tommy Nelson)

This is Tommy Nelson’s Classic series on the Song of Solomon where he beautifully captures its message in six weeks at Denton Bible Church in Denton, TX. This series is free at their website.  You can buy a DVD Series “The Song of Solomon” with about a dozen sessions on it where he goes into more detail.  Tommy, nobody knows Song of Solomon like you.  Thank you for your faithful study and one-of-a-kind delivery!  We are blessed because of you.

Part 1. The Art of Attraction

Part 2.  The Art of Dating

Part 3. The Art of Intimacy

Part 4. The Art of Conflict

Part 5. The Art of Deepening

Part 6. The Art of Faithfulness

Doug Rosenau Answers Your Sex Questions on Video

Doug Rosenau is truly “the man” when it comes to Christian answers about sex.  His book, A Celebration of Sex, has been a classic for twenty years.  He’s been a sex therapist for 32 years and has heard 50,000 hours of stories.  He graciously mentored Katie and me, correcting weaknesses and filling in gaps in Leading to the Bedroom.  Don’t take my word for what a great guy he is–check out his over 25 two-minute videos answering serious questions about sex.  The man doesn’t even blush.  Doug, you are the man.  Thanks for everything!

Song of Solomon (Taught by Jeff Miller)

Message series on the Song of Solomon by Jeff Miller. I don’t know this guy except through his teaching on the Song and on sex just for men (see below), but you can tell he’s a student of the Word and a great communicator.  Jeff, thank you for serving the body!  You can find more messages by Rev. Miller at

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Sex: A Twelve Step Program for Men (Taught by Jeff Miller)

Excellent teaching for guys about sex. More info on Rev. Jeff Miller is available at

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Sex (Taught by Matt Chandler)

If you have not heard Matt Chandler teach, you are missing a prophet for this generation.  Hailing from The Village Church in Denton, TX, Matt has some great messages on Sex (a  1 part and 3 part). Link coming soon.  To find it yourself, go here.  Has nothing to do with sex, but, Matt, your series on Ecclesiastes rocked my world. When I hear your preach, I hear the voice of God. All I can say is wow.

Commentary on the Song of Solomon

Dr. Thom Constable was one of my favorite professors at Dallas Seminary for the straightforward way he explained hard Bible passages.  He has written a set of study notes for each of the 66 books of the Bible–and he lets you download them for free! I highly recommend all of his notes.  They’re available at

Here’s Dr. Constable’s 33 pages of notes on the Song of Solomon.

Theology of the Body

In 1979 to 1984, Pope John Paul II gave a series of 129 lectures now known as Theology of the Body. While I’m not Catholic, It’s a fascinating study of the human body, including sexuality.  Christopher West has popularized this teaching, and he does a terrific job of presenting God’s purpose for sex.

Links — Website by Christian wives to encourage wives regarding sex.

Know of more great teaching on sex or marriage?  Let us know in the comments!

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